4 unit apartment building - Rental home


"4 unit apartment building with lifetime metal roof. Built new 10 years ago. All apartments furnished with appliances including washer/dryers. Each unit is 1000 sq ft with 2 bd, 1 ba. All apartments are currently fully rented. Apartment building sits on 2 lots measuring 80' x 125' total. Building is 64' x 64'. Apartments are in excellent condition with no problems.

Also included is a 2 story older rental house. 4 bd, 1 ba. There is Smoke damage upstairs from previous renter using space heater.The house is located next to apartments also on 2 lots that measure 80' x 125' total."

Location:  Ellis grove, Illinois, United States
Looking For: Sale
Furniture: Furnished
Property Type: Multifamily
Price: $190,000
Approx Area: 4,000 Sq. Ft.


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