10 Unit Apartments in Houston - SELLER FINANCING AVAILABLE


"Perfect Multifamily Starter Property.
Buy 10 Income Producing Units in 1 Deal!

• Are you looking for real passive income?
• Are you looking to multiply your returns in real estate?
• Tired of competing over house deals?

FOR SALE: Duplex + 8-Plex (10 Units)
+ 2.5 Acres of Raw Land

Priced to Sell: Only $199,000 with
Seller Financing Available
(2.5 Acres of Land included for FREE)

(2012 Tax Appraised Value: $228,649)
(Pro-Forma Market Value: $284,000)

This quiet multifamily property offers multiple money-generating strategies:
• Operate the duplex and 8-plex
• Rehab for even greater CASH FLOW
• Reposition to single room occupancy for greater CASH FLOW
• Sell or develop the 2.5 acres of adjacent land
• Perfect small apartment deal

This is an off-market deal that is being offered before it goes to the nationwide market on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 .

For IMMEDIATE delivery of the Property Package:

Option 1: Text your name & email to (281) 915-4161 and a packet will be emailed within 10 minutes.

Option 2: Dial the voice box at (281) 915-4161 and leave your name & email - a packet will be emailed within 10 minutes."

Location:  Houston, Texas, United States
Looking For: Sale
Furniture: Unfurnished
Property Type: Multifamily
Price: $199,000


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