What Makes Homes Appealing to Celebrities?

Celebrities do crave for the entire spectrum of luxurious amenities in their dream home. However, they attach top priority to privacy.

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This article attempts to explore the features celebrities wish to have in their homes.

a) Gates for Privacy

They want gigantic gates to keep the prying eyes of paparazzi off them when they roam in their yards. Hedges and foliage are intelligently placed to hide them from people. Most wish to live within a gated community with robust security system in place. The foliage encompassing the property and gates can make a property alluring to celebrities.

b) All Facilities Under One Roof

Celebrities run short of time and also wish to stay away from active public attention. Homes offering the entire range of facilities under one roof are preferred. This includes arrangement for gourmet kitchen, entertainment hub, and gym among others.

c) Condos and Co-Ops Preferred in New York

A majority of celebrities opt for condos and co-ops in New York City, mainly to maintain their privacy. Some celebs are even learnt to have bought a penthouse Condo along with the floor underneath in order to fortify their privacy!

d) Lots of Closet Space

A celebrity cannot virtually exist without a generously built closet. Male and female celebrities alike look for gigantic closets, something that exceed the normally accepted standards in their homes. This is mandated by the fact that show business essentially revolves around making oneself more presentable and unique, to stand out of the herd. The unmanageable volumes of clothes have to be stocked in over-the-top closets. Celebrities often go for extra rooms and transform them into tailored closets.

e) Presence of Home Theaters

Home theaters are invariably on the checklist of every celebrity looking for a home. They belong to the showbiz and home theater is an essential companion. The theater is adorned with seating arrangement for a minimum of 20-30 persons.

f) Guest Rooms, Hair Salon and Pools

Most celebrities whether in the show business or working in the capacity of designers, producers or product spokesperson infallibly want extra space in their homes to run an office. Further, hair salon, computer room, studio, guest room, pool, hobby room and dark room should be inevitably present.

g) Unusual Amenities, Space for Pets, Night Club etc

Some celebrities want their pets to live comfortably and demand for abundant of space to allow their pets to frolic. Further, celebrities also make some quirky requests. They get the house remodeled to accommodate their unusual pets. Some might wish to earmark a specific portion of the room as nightclub to have endless nights of revelries with colleagues. Wine cellar with dining facilities and screening rooms are additional facilities celebrities look for.

Celebrities want to make a mark in their professions with a lavish living style. A decked up home with all the ultra-modern amenities certainly allows them to exhibit their attitude and makes a fashion statement. Homes are also a way to celebrate their stardom.

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