Ways to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

The appraisal stage of a contract is one of the most anxious periods any homeowner has to face. It determines the monetary value of your house and the amount you would receive on selling it. Whether or not your home gets appraised to a decent price is a matter of great concern for owners. Experts suggest home owners to execute some necessary steps to secure good appraisals for their house.

Home Appraisal

1) Make Your Home Appear Presentable

Pay attention to every nook and corner of your home and find out what needs changes or repairs. Present your house in its best state before the professional appraiser. Change the linen, put up clean and decent looking curtains, and get the walls and floors polished. See if there is any part of the house that needs to be repaired. Also keep your yard clean and green to make the right impression. Even the smallest negligence can cost you a great deal, so be very careful with home maintenance if you want the desired appraisal to become a reality.

2) Clean and De-clutter

Clean homes always make a better impression on anyone. Let your appraiser too be influenced positively by the cleanliness of your house. Remove any clutter that might have accumulated in the cupboards, closets, etc. Make your home look nice and tidy. A fresh smelling house is also a pleasure to be in, so try using some air fresheners before the appraiser arrives at your place. Although these tiny things are not complete in themselves, they can form a strong first impression on the appraiser’s mind which can in turn mould their judgment to a more positive one.

3) Present a List of Upgrades and Maintenance Chores

Keep the receipts or some other proofs of upgrades that you have had in the house in the recent past. Let the appraiser see that you pay due attention to the maintenance of your house. They are likely to make a more favorable decision if they sense this. If you have installed high quality equipment in your house, do let the appraiser know of that too.

4) Be Hospitable with the Appraiser

A good code of conduct is always desirable; more so when you can directly benefit from it. Welcome the appraisers nicely, treat them hospitably, and you’ll see the result of your good behavior in your appraisal document. If there are pets in the house, it is best to lock them for the time being till the inspection is complete. Try to create as little disturbance for the professional as possible. Even children should be minded by someone for as long as the appraiser is in your house doing the inspection.

Selling your house is a major decision and involves a great many complications, out of which the biggest one for most people is to get the right price for the property. However, you can avoid many of the hassles by following the above mentioned steps. These will only require a small investment of time and money from you, which will be more than compensated in the appraised price you would get as a result.

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