Top 4 Cities to Live in California for Students

California is a great State and promises loads of opportunity for students. There are reputed Universities and private colleges that attract top rankers from across the country. While students need to choose their college carefully based on their skills and future career plans, another important factor that has an impact on their lifestyle is the city where they pursue higher education. All cities in California may not match your towering expectations. Here we discuss four cities in California that are particularly suited for students. So if you are planning to move to California for further studies, do keep these cities in mind when choosing your college.

San Francisco

best student cities

University of San Francisco and Stanford University magnetize students to this city. Being a leading financial and cultural center of the state, San Francisco is a major attraction for students. Natural beauty of the state and cool summers make the city a wonderful place to be.

While the tuition fee depends on your chosen college and course, students can expect to save on the transportation cost. The city has a well establish public transit system. As cycling is popular in the city, students living close to their college can further expect to save money. Some areas in the city are cheaper as compared to others and students on budget can look forward to living in them.

Santa Barbara

top student cities

Higher education system is well represented in Santa Barbara. Some of the famous colleges that attract talented students from across the country include University of California – Santa Barbara, Antioch University, Westmont College, Santa Barbara City College, and the Brooks Institute of Photography.

A long coastline, comfortable Mediterranean climate and plenty of attractive destinations make students yearn to get admission in Santa Barbara colleges.

Students can look forward to living in student friendly economical neighborhoods located close the university. Sharing rooms and using public transportation system can further bring down the cost of living.

Los Angeles

Best City for Students

Known as L.A. and the City of Angels, Los Angeles attracts ambitious students just like it attracts tourists and entrepreneurs. There are three public and various reputed private colleges in the city offering a variety of courses to cater to the needs of students with varying interests. Creative courses pertaining to filmmaking are more popular here. USC School of Cinematic Arts is a Mecca for students interested in learning the craft of filmmaking.

Beaches, entertainment, shopping, a dazzling nightlife in conjunction with good public transports and neighborhoods offering cheaper accommodation for students, L.A. has everything students may wish for.

San Diego

best cities for students

Boasting of the famous University of California, San Diego and the UCSD Medical Center, San Diego pulls talented students especially those interested in pursuing research in Biotechnology.

Apt climate with comfortable summers, exotic beaches, opportunities for water sports, happening cultural activities and exciting sports scene makes San Diego an attractive destination for students.

Neighborhoods around college areas offer cheap accommodations. Students can ride bicycles or use public transportation to travel across the city.

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