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Can I Sell My House with a Tenant in It? by Rebecca

Dec 5, 2016

You might want to sell your property for sundry reasons but if you have tenants occupying your home, selling it can be a little tricky business. There are various things one has to consider such as ensuring smooth eviction by … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Home Safe while it is on Sale? by Rebecca

Oct 26, 2016

Selling a home isn’t essentially an unsafe process; however, it is always good to take precautionary safety measures to ensure the safety of your family and your belongings. Discussed here are a few safety tips that not only help you … Continue reading

8 Smart Home Features that Appeal Today’s Home Buyers by Rebecca

Dec 22, 2015

As everything is going high-tech and smart, how can the homes be left behind? Whether you are thinking to re-design your house or planning to put it on sale, it is important to spice it up with sci-fi gadgets to … Continue reading

Is Home Seller Responsible for Repairs after Closing by Rebecca

Jul 8, 2014

When you are selling your home, make sure you follow the law to the T. If you deviate from the law, you could end up losing a lot. Typically, when you and the homebuyer decide to close the deal, you … Continue reading

Get The Best Price for Your Home – Pricing Your Home to Sell by Rebecca

Feb 26, 2013

Whatever the reason you have for selling your house, you won’t want to settle for a price which you didn’t keep or didn’t expect to get in return of selling your property. Selling a house is not usually a quick … Continue reading

How Wise It Would Be To Sell Your Home During The Holidays? by Rebecca

Dec 7, 2012

Holiday season has been projected by experts as a time where one can get mixed responses to his bid to sell off home. It is contingent upon the area where your home is located, the environmental onslaught the region is … Continue reading

Finding it difficult to sell your house? Consider these factors seriously by Rebecca

Nov 5, 2012

If you are contemplating to sell your house for long but haven’t tasted success yet you need to ponder over the reasons for the delay. If the real estate market is experiencing a dry spell, you can certainly expect difficulty, … Continue reading