8 Smart Home Features that Appeal Today’s Home Buyers

As everything is going high-tech and smart, how can the homes be left behind? Whether you are thinking to re-design your house or planning to put it on sale, it is important to spice it up with sci-fi gadgets to make it more appealing. Gone are those days when your home would be unique with a pool or a garden! Today, homes, just like your phone and tablet should be smart. As the scope of Internet of Things is expanding, home owners have plenty of options to choose from. Powered by internet, today’s smart devices can connect to your devices such as mobile, laptop or any other electronics you desire. These smart devices help to make your home safe and secure and also make everyday life more convenient and stress-free.

Smart Home Features

Here are some smart features that are now being increasingly demanded by property buyers in the US. You may certainly consider installing some of these to make it the first choice of the buyers.

1) Smart Alarm

Security is the highest in the list of most Americans. The high-tech and advanced security alarms do more than just providing security. It can send notifications on your smart phone about activity in your home. With wireless features, the smart security system can connect with your home security camera and help you get live feed of surveillance cameras. So even when you are away from home, you will get instant notification if your door or window is unlocked.

2) Smart Security Camera

A security camera is now no longer a luxury but a necessity. A smart security camera makes home security powerful. Smart cameras can either always be turned on or turned on when they record movement of pets or humans. You may also turn these on remotely to get real time video of your home. So in case you detect any unwanted movement you can immediately alert the police.

3) Smart Smoke Detectors

This is another essential smart move for your home. Smart smoke detectors can determine the difference between slow burning and fast burning fires so you get a warning much before things get worse. Smoke detectors can also help you to silence the alarm if it is candle light dinner. Smart smoke detectors can be connected with your phone or any other smart devices.

4) Smart Sprinkler System

This is one smart system that will not only help you save money and time but also do good to the environment. It is programmed in such a way that it sprinkles only during cooler and less sunny parts so that evaporation is less and not sprinkle at all on wetter days. You can also schedule the watering time according to the type of lawn that you have.

5) Smart Thermostat

They work better than the traditional ones. Smart thermostats detects presence of people in a room and accordingly sets temperature. Only when it detect the presence of people it will heat-up or cool a room as per weather and thus help you save on energy bills. You can also operate your thermostat remotely so when you come home you find the temperature adjusted to your preference.

6) Smart Home Lighting

This energy saving feature is much in demand by the home buyers. This feature allows you control the lighting of your home by connecting via a phone app. So you can turn on and off the lighting of any part of the home conveniently using the app, even when you are far away from your home on a vacation! Smart home lighting systems also come with occupancy sensor and thus turn off lights a few minutes after a person leaves a room.

7) Smart Garage Doors

Now you need not worry even if you forget to lock your garage door. All you need to do is remotely send a command from your smart phone which will close the door. In fact your smart garage door will also notify you if the door is open. What’s more, you need not get down from your car to unlock the door, you may now do it comfortable using your smart phone, thus making your life so much easy!

8) Home Automation Systems

Today, it is possible to make your entire home smart by installing home automation systems. Best installed by professionals, home automation system can help you operate all the electrical devices from anywhere in your home or even when you are away in a different country using an app on your phone. You may even set a theme on your app and let all your chosen electrical devices act accordingly. So if you set a movie theme, immediately the projector will roll down, the lights will be turned off and temperature setting will be adjusted to create an ambiance that’s just right for you!

As the demand for smart devices are rising, their costs are no longer exorbitant. You can certainly raise the value and appeal of your home by adding at least a few smart features or better still make your entire home automated!

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