7 Signs You Need to Change Your Real Estate Agent

As a buyer you depend a lot on your real estate agent. You trust him to show you the best properties that are well within your criteria and help you strike the best deal. You expect your agent to be responsive, alert and quick to meet your needs. However, when you hear some negative responses, you certainly feel let down and even cheated. In such situations, it is better to let your agent know of your expectations from him and if this doesn’t work don’t hesitate to look for a new one. Here we discuss 7 things you should not expect your real estate agent to say to you.

changing real estate agents

1.”I’ll call you after sometime”

As a buyer you are putting in your lifetime investment in buying a house. The least that you can expect from the agent is patience. The agent should hear you out and take down all the details in the very first conversation. He should in fact book an immediate appointment if possible. If the real estate agent tells you that he is busy or that you should call him later, it is sure to put you off and make you strike him off from the list and move on to another agent. An agent who really wants to sell the property would carefully ask for the price range, the area, understand your needs and might also refer you to websites showcasing the properties.

2.”Home inspection is actually not needed”

No matter how close you know the real estate agent or how well know the dealer is, you should always demand for an inspection. It is your home and before you buy, you have all the right to do a minute home inspection, not once but twice or thrice till you are fully satisfied. You will understand the life expectancy of the home and the extent of maintenance.

3.”The irritating smell will just go away”

Please do not believe that! Oh your dream home might just turn into your nightmare if you suddenly discover that skeleton buried underneath some years ago like some Hollywood flick. Well, we do not want to scare you that every smell is that bad, it could be simply a dead rat or some rotten food that has not been cleaned. The smell could come from ducts which need immediate attention or it could be a cigarette odor which needs to be fixed.

4.”You need not go through the documents”

You must have been told this probably by your grandparents and parents that never sign a document without reading it first. Remember this while signing the contract. Read the document carefully including the fine print. A true agent will not ask the buyer to sign a document which he hasn’t read. Also have your attorney read it before signing on the dotted line.

5.”I can show you homes which are slightly above your budget”

The real estate agent knows your budget and should restrict himself and show homes within the budget. He must respect the client’s budget and show properties which are within or below the budget. If the preference is for a less expensive one, then he should show only those.

6.”The seller will never accept the price”

A real estate agent who has good intentions of selling the house to his client will never say this. If he says it, then the buyer can assume that he is working for the seller and trying to increase the cost. The correct process would be to give that offer to the seller and if rejected let the buyer know how much more should be quoted.

7.”I have more clients lined up today, can’t afford too much time with you”

This is the last thing that you as a buyer would love to hear from the real estate agent. Your real estate agent should allow you to spend considerable time inspecting the house. Buying a house is not going to the grocer. It is a huge investment and one will take time to inspect.

While there are several good real estate agents there are some bad ones in the market too. Observe the behavior of you agent closely and if his attitude is not appreciable or if he is too pushy on selling you a property you have all the reasons to look for a new one. A professional agent will pay attention to your requirements, keep you updated about the progress and guide you into negotiating the best deal.

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