Planning to Sell a Luxury Home? You Can’t Ignore this Checklist!

Your home is a precious gem, and the buyers for it are limited. So how do you go about planning the sale of your luxury home so as to fetch for it the best price and the fastest possible closure? The following 10 tips should help you significantly in getting it right.

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1. Find out the Best Selling Price

You need to price it right, right from the beginning. Don’t make the huge mistake of going to an agent who offers to put your home on the highest price with promises too bright to be true. A fine real estate agent should be doing a significant amount of research before arriving at a price, and that price should be optimum – not too high, not too low. A right price to start with is substantially better than slashing prices later on.

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2. Work on the Aesthetics

Let your home win hearts with its beauty. Invest a little in renovations and upgrades that will attract buyers. It will be particularly useful if your home is old and has not been renovated in a long time.

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3. Seek Professional Support

Difficult, as it is, to sell a high-end house, it gets incredibly hard if you are managing it all on your own. Professional help is undeniably important when you are trying to sell a luxury home.

4. Invest in Good Photography

People often start their home search from the Internet; and there, more than anything else, it’s the photographs and videos that get them hooked. Therefore, professional quality pictures are absolutely necessary, and hiring a property photographer won’t hurt at all.

5. A Home Inspection would be an Excellent Step

A stamp of a professional home inspection is very encouraging to prospective buyers. Moreover, an inspector, with their expertise, can usually see things beyond what’s visible to you; so their inputs can make you aware of any repairs or improvements you can make beforehand thereby sparing yourself any last minute chores just before handing possession.

6. An Open House May Not be the Right Thing to Do

Open houses do not help significantly in luxury home sales. A majority of people who would land up at an open house may have absolutely no intention of buying your property, and may only be there out of curiosity about how the rich live.

7. Go for a Well Sketched Marketing Plan

Most real estate agents dealing in the luxury home segment have marketing expertise. Good marketing can truly accelerate that ideal sale for your home. Besides traditional marketing channels, you must go in for social media marketing in a big way.

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8. Don’t Forget to Tell People about the Luxurious Neighborhood

People buying luxury homes are certainly interested in what lies in the vicinity of the home. So make sure you’re telling your prospective clients about eminent clubs and other amenities in your neighborhood.

9. Go for Staging – It Works Best in the Luxury Home Segment

Staging helps people envision a life in the home they are considering to buy. It presents your home in the best light and lets people see what all it can offer. For example, a staging of the glamorous dining room with the china and candlesticks in place will let buyers imagine how they can use the place for hosting dinners.

10. Be Prepared for a Bit of a Wait!

Luxury homes sell much slower than regular homes. Don’t let it get on your nerves if you have to wait a significant amount of time for that perfect offer! Just wait, and when the time is right you shall have the best connoisseur taking possession of your home.

Wrap up:

Selling a luxury home is difficult but not impossible. Implement the above tips and a keep a patient approach. The yields from your luxury home can make the wait worth it.

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