How to Sell a Fixer Upper House – The Best Way to Sell It

Not every house is perfect. Some homes can have a few chinks that can cost the owner quite a bit to fix. If you are the proud owner of such a home, you have a fixer upper on your hands. Do not dread, as there are several such home that are sold successfully every single year. Buyers often view fixer upper homes favorably because they feel they are getting a good deal and they also have their freedom to put their own touch to the house when they are getting it renovated.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully sell a fixer upper.

selling a fixer upper house

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Find the Perfect Realtor

It is mandatory you find a real estate agent who has experience in selling fixer upper homes. It is best to contact several such agents and ask them questions. Find out how many such homes does the agent sell in a single year; what is the average time a listing stays on the market; and finally what percentage of the list price is the agent successful in getting from each sale. It is important the agent answers these questions honestly and does not offer vague and ambiguous answers. Opt for a realtor that you feel comfortable working with.

Find Out The Advantages of Your Home

Just because your home requires repairs and fixing, it doesn’t mean the house has just problems. Every house has some attractive features that buyer will find desirable. You should know the plus points of your home, be it the history of the building or solid structure. These are the features that you should point out to prospective buyers to facilitate the sale.

Set The Right Price

It is often tough to fix an appropriate price when you are aware your home needs a lot of renovation. You cannot expect your home to fetch the same price as those in the neighborhood. So, the best way to get a good estimate is to have a qualified home estimator come in to give you an estimate. Try and fix a reasonable price – not too low or too high. Ask your realtor to show you similar homes in the area and fix something slightly lower than those to attract bargain hunters.

Clean Up Your Home

Just because your home needs extensive renovation, it is not an excuse to keep the front yard and rooms dirty and messy. This will put off prospective buyers. So, mow the lawn, prune the wild plants in the garden and organize the cabinets and closets to make them neat and clean. Also, scrub the bathroom, kitchen and windows to give them a sparkle. Now is a good time to de-clutter your home and get rid of all the unnecessary furniture that is eating up valuable space. If you have roaches and other pests, get rid of the infestation. Call in professionals to do the pest control and keep the documentation safe to show buyers who come to check out your home.

Perform Cosmetic Changes

While the house can be in a state of disrepair, you can still do your bit and make minor improvements. Paint the walls a neutral color; replace broken light fixtures and switches; repair leaking faucets and pipes; and fix the cracked drywall. Make the exterior of your home look great with a neat garden, potted plants at the entrance and a mat at the doorway to prevent tracking in dirt from outside. Even for a fixer upper curb appeal is important, so do your bit to enhance it.

Once you have done the fixing and cosmetic improvements, it is time to showcase your fixer upper in the market. Make sure your realtor advertises your property in different places to attract as many customers as possible. You too can do your bit by advertising in the local newspaper and magazines. It may be harder to find a buyer for fixer upper, but it is not impossible.

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