How Wise It Would Be To Sell Your Home During The Holidays?

Holiday season has been projected by experts as a time where one can get mixed responses to his bid to sell off home. It is contingent upon the area where your home is located, the environmental onslaught the region is subjected to and the kind of competition you are experiencing.

selling your house during the holidays

Your decision to have you home enlisted has its own pros and cons, but tactfully dealing the situation can see you emerging successful with flying colors.

What factors will lift your spirit if you decide to sell property during holidays?

  • Holidays signify that the buyers will have ample time in their hands to scrutinize the favorable aspects of your property. Less competition means you stand a fair chance to woo the prospective buyer.
  • Even a dull neighborhood and discouraging locality will be in glitters due to festive decorations. You will have to put in less effort to conceal the distracting factors that may dissuade buyers. First impression last long.
  • Buyers will be eager to grab the tax incentive available by closing the sale prior to year end.
  • Families are less inclined to see the academic session of their children getting interrupted through the year and would rather prefer to settle before school resumption in January.
  • January customarily marks the onset of transfer season for employed people. Such buyers may not wait till next spring to procure a house and would complete the deal in December itself.

What are the probable reasons that may dampen your spirits?

  • You may send out the message that you are keen to dispose of your property in a hurry giving buyers a chance to manipulate you. The offers received may be significantly lower than the list price.
  • You will find it difficult to keep your home presentable and cohesive every moment to show to prospects.
  • The selling scope will shrink remarkably as your house will have to compete for the attention of selective buyers who evidently will set stringent criteria that your house will not measure up.
  • The holiday season in December starts mid month, which essentially means the transaction will not be wrapped up in the same month and will be dragged to January. This will not serve your purpose.
  • The realtor may be busy enjoying the holidays and may not render his services.
  • You will have to take time out during celebration time to show property to prospective buyers.

Less competition arising out of meager volume of buyers translates into poor price quotes. People will be reluctant to leave the warmth and cozy comfort of their homes for embarking on home hunting.

Things to observe if you decide to sell off your property

It is advisable not to provide any scope for adverse opinion formation by prospective buyers through over decorating your home. Allow your buyers to visualize their dream home by mentally adjusting things and furnishings in perspective. Overdoing decorations may make your home appear less roomy and will impede the thought process of potential buyer. Keep the decorations away from key features that will improve the salability quotient like stained glass frames, fireplace mantel etc.


Try to captivate qualified and motivated buyers and capitalize on your decision to sell off your home during holiday season. If this seems tough, wait for January to come.

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