Real Estate Social Media Marketing: How to Use Social Media to Market your House

If you are keen to sell your house and are looking to take the traditional route of hiring a broker, I would suggest you to take a pause and consider trying out social media first. It is not only much easier and cheaper but is also very effective.

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The overwhelming popularity of social media has made it much simpler for users to reach out to anybody they want. Today, people are increasingly making use of social networking sites to promote their business interests. As a property seller, you too can harp on the outstanding power of social media to market your house for sale amongst prospective buyers.

How to Best Leverage Social Media for Selling your House

Create a Blog First

Create a Blog for Free

Creating a blog is a matter of few minutes and there are plethora of sites like Blogger, WordPress etc that allow you to create a blog for free. After the blog is created, click some very good photographs of your house and write an enchanting description that provides enough details for a potential buyer to get lured to your property. The essential details that need to be incorporated in your description include the area of your house (land area and constructed area), number of rooms and some key features or amenities that you would want to highlight.

Post the pictures along with a description on your blog. Keep updating the blog with either fresh pictures or new details pertaining to your house. If you desire, you may also post a video of your house on the blog. It does take some extra efforts to create an impressive video, but it really works and helps you in spotting the right buyers.

Use Facebook and Twitter Status to let People Know about your Intention to sell your House

Selling a House using Facebook and Twitter

Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter have amazing power to spread the word. So just update your status and let the world know that you have a property that is available for sale. Your friends can ‘like’ your update or ‘retweet’ and this will help you reach an audience beyond your own friends’ network. While you post the updates, make sure you leave a link to your blog where people can access pictures and videos of your house and understand the various amenities that are included.

The only precaution that you should take while posting on Facebook or Twitter is that you should not appear too pushy about things as this generally has a negative impact on your credibility. So post updates on your house once in a while and it is likely that you will be lucky to get the attention of a potential buyer. While you promote your house, do continue with the regular activities that you generally would be doing on your Facebook or Twitter account.


Promoting property through social media is not so complicated and promises great results. But before you set out to use social media, make sure your property is ready to receive prospective buyers.

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