8 Precautions You Must Take Before Leaving Home For Vacation

When going out for a vacation most people are concerned about the security of the apartment. To make sure there are no shocks waiting for you back home when you return from an exciting holiday, you need to take care of a few basic things. Here we offer some key tips that will keep your house secure and help you remain stress free when on a vacation.

Home Security

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1) Do not make a public announcement on the social media about your absence

It feels good to share your next vacation destination and plan with your friends but you never know who else apart from your near and dear ones are keeping a tab on your announcements. So stay away from making public announcements about your vacation plan. It could act as an open invitation for burglars.

2) Have a video surveillance system installed in your home

A video surveillance system is not all that costly but has the potential to save you from losing your precious belongings to thieves. The surveillance system can give you a live monitoring of your home or apartment. Once the thieves understand there is a video surveillance system out there they prefer not to risk their identity.

3) Have a “Beware of Dogs” announcement put on your entrance

Thieves are scared of dogs as they can be really dangerous. So whether you have one at home or not, do make it a point to have this announcement put on your entrance.

4) Be insured against Nature’s fury

Whether you are there or away from your home, you may not be able to predict floods, tornadoes, cyclones and there is no way you can protect your apartment from these elements. The best protection is to have an insurance of your property against damage caused due to natural calamities. Insurance is not that costly and can help you have a relaxed time when on a vacation.

5) Do not put a message on your door that you are likely to be away

I have seen many people putting an announcement on their entrance that they are likely to be away for a couple of days. These are usually intended for the newspaper vendor or the courier company, but it is in your interest not to make such an announcement. It is best to ask your newspaper vendor personally in advance to discontinue distribution or request your neighbor to pick up the newspaper or courier. Newspaper copies piling in front of door are signals for thieves that they can look to target your apartment.

6) Fool a potential intruder that you are at home

There are some novel devices available that can fool a potential intruder that someone is inside. There is a device available that can fake a dog bark. The sound is very authentic and thieves would hardly doubt that it is not a dog but a device. Besides, you may also consider having a mobile app that can switch on lights in case a camera installed in your home detects some movement of a person.

7) Hide your valuables or put in a bank locker before you leave

It is best to avoid keeping any valuable or cash at home while you are away. But if you still have it at home, it is best to keep this at a hidden place. It should not be hidden where a thief could easily predict the location. Most people would have their valuable cash dumped into their locked drawers in a cupboard. We all know how easy it is for thieves these days to unlock these drawers. It is best to keep them at a place where anybody would least expect it to be. So you could as well hide your valuable in food boxes or kitchen vessels.

8) Follow a checklist of tasks to be managed before you finally lock your home

Before you are about to leave just make sure you have locked the doors well. There is no faucet that is left open. An open faucet can be a disaster and potentially spoil all your furniture and also create havoc for your neighbors in the apartment. You have unplugged appliances like air conditioners, washing machine, water filter, pressure pump and iron. If there are no appliances that you intend to keep running it is best to switch off the mains. Make sure that the smoke / fire alarms are working.

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