Pet Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home

A majority of U.S. households have pets. While pets are lovely, their habits can sometimes be harsh on the flooring. Thankfully, there are thoughtful floorings available that will let you allow your cats and pooches to carry on with their habit of scratching the floorings without any worry. So if you are remodeling your home and have a pet at home, make sure you install pet friendly flooring. Here we offer some fantastic flooring ideas that will delight the pet owners.

best flooring for pets

Laminate – A popular choice

Being coated with aluminum oxide, laminate floorings are extremely durable and hence are suitable for dog owners. As laminates come with a hard surface, your dog will not be able to scratch it easily. Laminates are also preferred over wooden floorings or carpets as far as pet accident are concerned. However, the only thing you need to take care of is to clean your pet’s mess as soon as you spot it to prevent it from sinking into the flooring joints. While laminates have resistance to moisture it is advisable to clean up spilled liquids to prevent long-term damage.

Laminate floorings come in a great variety many of which resemble the looks of exotic natural materials. So you can render a suave look to your flooring at a fraction of the cost and most importantly without having to bother about pet accidents or damages.

Vinyl flooring – Chosen for style and easy maintenance

Vinyl floorings are appreciated for their durability and resistance to moisture. These qualities make it convenient to maintain. What’s more, you don’t have to compromise on the style. Vinyl floorings offer you plethora of options in designs and colors. You can choose one that best catches your fancy. An additional benefit that vinyl floorings offer to pet owners is that it softens the sound caused by your pet’s nail when they walk over the flooring.

Ceramic Tiles – Pet friendly flooring

Tiles are not preferred all over the house, but they certainly are pet friendly. They are safe for spills, easy to clean and are not damaged by pets. Tiles can easily be cleaned using vacuum or a mop. Like laminates, these also do not trap allergens and are therefore hygienic.

The only drawback with using tiles when you have cheerful puppies at home is that they may lose traction when running across the floor and therefore may skid.

Natural Stone Flooring – Strong and welcoming

Being one of strongest flooring materials available, natural stones are safe from scratches. Pet owners can choose from options like granite, slate and travertine. Marble, though looks great in its polished state, is prone to scratches. It is therefore not a great choice for pet lovers.

Flooring Options not Suited for Pet Owners :

Here we scrutinize some flooring options which pet owners should avoid.


Though carpets look wonderful and enhance the look of any decor, these should be avoided in homes with pets. This is especially because carpets are difficult to clean after pet accidents. The stain and stench is often left behind marring the beauty of your decor and making the indoor environment unhygienic. Besides, cats can tear away some types of carpets when they scratch on their threads. Even dogs can pull the carpet fibers with their claws. In case, you do want to use carpets, choose darker shades and pay attention to its texture. Also, look for a stain warranty. Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranty on stains, including pet urine. Also, be sure to get your carpet cleaned professionally once or twice a year.

Wooden and Bamboo flooring

Hardwood has an unmistakable charm when used on floorings but should be avoided by pet owners. Wooden floorings are prone to scratches. Besides, if pet accidents are not attended immediately, it leads to staining and a possibility of germ growth.


Cork is a soft material and hence is extremely prone to scratches. Both cats and adult dogs can cause harm to cork flooring. If you have a cork flooring, it is advisable to apply surface seal as it may offer some protection against stains caused by pet accidents, but only if you clean the mess quickly.

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