Why Home Seller Rejected Your Purchase Offer?

There are several nuances attached to the process of buying a home, so closing a deal doesn’t come easy to most people. There may be occasions when you would find that sellers are not responsive to your purchase offer. You need not take this personally as there could be varied reasons for your offer getting rejected. Let’s discuss a few important reasons why offers get rejected.

Home Seller Rejected Purchase Offer

Your Offer Price is Lower than the List Price

If your offer price is ridiculously lower than the seller’s expectation or the list price, the seller is likely to take this personally. He would believe that the buyer is not serious and so he would not care to respond or even negotiate with you for a potential deal.

In some situations, the seller may have just listed the home, so he would rather prefer to wait for more attractive offers to come through, instead of considering offers lower than the list price. Such sellers are not obliged to respond to offers that are below the list price.

Your Selling Agent May be Messing Up

Most sellers or listing agents do not deal with unprofessional people. They rather prefer to be unresponsive to such guys. If your selling agent is not polite, has a demeaning attitude and is aggressive when dealing with the listing agent it is unlikely that he is going to be entertained.

Remember, it is a competitive world and there will always be a guy who is ready to offer as much as you would be. So there is no point throwing your weight around and be a loser in the process. The listing agent or the seller will always like that they deal with someone who is balanced in his behavior and has a professional attitude.

Listing Agent has a Dual Role – Also Represents a Buyer

There are cases where the listing agent would have a special agreement with the seller, under which he has the right to charge commission from a buyer for the same home he is representing the seller. In such a situation where the listing agent is representing both buyer and seller, he agrees to lower his selling commission.

So, if you happen to be competing with a buyer who is being represented by the listing agent it is most likely that your offer will be rejected or dropped.

Seller has Specific Requirements and Your Offer Does Not Address Them

Apart from fetching the desired list price, a seller has some specific requirements. These could be :

  1. A larger amount of earnest money deposit.
  2. A long escrow.
  3. May not be willing to handle the repairs.
  4. May need a pre approval letter from the lender.

As a buyer it can pay you if you can proactively find out if the seller is concerned about either of these things. If so, check if it is reasonable for you and you are willing to extend either of these benefits to the seller.

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