Moving House Checklist – Make House Moving a Pleasant Experience

Moving has always been a daunting task and everyone generally ends up saying – “Never again!” However, everyone has to move to a new place sooner or later. So, here are some tips to make your moving a simple and stress-free experience.

moving house checklist

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Pre-Moving Project

The pre-moving project can be divided into the following categories based on the time before moving you out.

4-6 weeks before moving

  • Book a packing company.
  • Discard items that are of no use.
  • Don’t forget to sort through garden/garage shed.
  • Pen down the list of items that need careful handling while moving.
  • Take measurements of the new house to ensure that your furniture would fit in.
  • Use up all half-used packets in the kitchen as well as food stored in freezer. Throw away what has expired.
  • Check with the manufacturer for any moving instructions for your washing machine and refrigerator.
  • Air bottles and gas cylinders should be empty with their valves kept open.
  • Put your moving documents in a folder.
  • Organise school transfers.
  • Don’t forget tickets, passport and visa if travelling.

2-3 weeks before moving

  • Notify the relevant authorities for mail transfer details.
  • Remember to return videos, DVDs, and library books.
  • Ask help from friends and family to look after pets and children on the planned day.
  • Do necessary bank accounts transfers.
  • Arrange for various connections like internet, gas, telephone and electricity.
  • Arrange for cleaning of the new house before you enter. Also, get the flooring, paint, electrical fittings, locks, organizers, kitchens, pest control, toilets and any other issues that need to be fixed before you move into your new house.

1 week before moving

  • Separate towels and bed linen to be used on first night in your new home. This will make it easy for you to set up your sleeping area after the exhausting move.
  • Draw up a plan for the packing company, so that it knows which furniture and cartons go into which room.
  • Get your car checked if you intend driving long distance to reach your new home.
  • Pack important items like shelf supports, remote controls, keys, bed legs, telephone charger and telephone handset in a separate carton.

2 days before moving

  • Prepare a survival box that includes all essential medicines, children’s toys, first-aid kit, tea, coffee, toiletries, milk, kettle, baby needs, snacks, sleep wear, work clothes, school needs, plus all the other essentials for the next day.
  • Determine access details and collection of keys for the new house.

The Day Prior to Moving

  • The hired packing service would come to pack the stuff. Remember to put aside the essentials for evening and the next morning.
  • Empty, defrost and dry out your refrigerator.
  • Set aside cartons and bags with stuff you want to carry yourself.

The Moving Day

  • Minimize the number of visitors.
  • Ensure transporting perishable foods in a cooler box.
  • Have your furniture layout for the new house ready.
  • Be handy with the survival box.
  • Collect all the keys.
  • Check the electricity meters, gas and telephone connections for disconnections.
  • Take a last round of the house to check if any valuables have not been left behind.
  • Turn off Power
  • Lock and Leave
  • When you reach your new house, check the list of inventory packed by the moving company. Ensure everything is in place before the personnel leaves.

Hope you find these tips and guidelines helpful to make your move simple, easier and more convenient.

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