How to Make Prospective Buyers Fall in Love with Your Property at the First Sight

Whether it is about love or buying property, first look definitely plays a crucial look. So if you are intending to sell your property, merely placing a ‘For Sale’ board is not going to get you the attention you crave for. You ought to make your property drool worthy not just to make it attractive but also to make it so charming that the buyers also feel compelled to pay your asking price! Well, here are some time tested tips to make your property so much more compelling for the buyers.

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As the first look matters most, the exteriors have to be the most charming

Take a deep look at the facade and the front garden of your property. Don’t view it from the eyes of the owner, chances are you might find it flawless. Instead, look at it critically from the buyers perspective. Take a note of things that warrant changes and repair. Is the paint peeling off, how the fence look, your front gate and door and how is the garden kept? Do your best to ensure your property casts a fantastic impression at the first look. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, get new pots, get the walls painted or get a new door installed; invest wisely but not extravagantly to make your property look elegant and attractive.

Clean and clean to your heart’s content

Nothing impresses more than cleanliness. A tidy house sways prospective buyers into buying the property to the extent they make even ignore some shortcomings. So make extra efforts to clean every bit of the property. You may even consider hiring professional cleaners if cleaning yourself will be a hassle. The investment will definitely pay off. Pay special attention to cleaning carpets and rugs, bathroom tiles, chimney, windows and sills, and of course every part of the kitchen.

Repair / replace to keep things in order

Leaking pipes, tinkling faucets and faulty switches all needs to be repaired before your prospective buyers make a visit. And, what cannot be repaired should better be replaced to avoid giving a chance to prospective buyers to discuss faults and negotiate a price. Believe it or not, every bit of your home will be minutely judged to see whether things are really all right as you may claim it to be. So be prepared to shell out a little and make your property alluring.

Remove your aura from the property, make it appear new

The house may have been your own for years… It will have loads of memories of you and your family and memorabilia too. You may spend hours watching things you may have collected over the years but this will have no positive value in the eyes of the prospective buyers. They would instead prefer a house that they can make their own. So make it a point to remove from the property all things that are personal to you. Make the house appear fresh so the prospective buyers can imagine living in it with a sense of belonging.

Delve on this points stated above, and do your best. If possible give the home a fresh quote of paint. Choose neutral colors and avoid bold ones as it may not match with a buyer’s personality. While it is important to work on all areas of the house pay special attention to the exterior, kitchen and bath. Don’t go overboard on investment but do get faults repaired and make the house spic-and-span to cast a positive impression. Your house will definitely be irresistible for the buyers.

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