Landlord Selling House While I’m Renting: What Now?

landlord selling house

Picture this: You wake up one morning and see a ‘For Sale’ signboard by your landlord before your rented home. Scary…! Don’t panic, you can protect your rights as a renter for sure.

According to the state laws, your landlord must provide you with a 24 hours written notice before placing your house for sale. You have the right to stay in your rental until the lease expires. The landlord has to provide at least a day notice in advance to show your home to potential buyers. Study the tenant laws in your state for more information.

A renter can’t be denied basic supplies and under no circumstances, a landlord can enter a rental except for emergencies. In some states, your landlord can be obliged to pay you for relocation if you are forced to move out from the rental due to a sale.

A renter can seek a legal counsel from a tenant lawyer if the need be and the rent can be withhold under dire circumstances until the issue is solved.

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