Home Search: Online Vs. In-Person

People are smitten by the idea of online shopping these days. From a pin to shoes, from dresses to jewellery, from fish to juices – we simply log in and order. So, when it comes to looking for a house it is no different. Most buyers these days first visit the popular online portals to select their dream home. There are several websites that will give you all the necessary information regarding its location, price, number of rooms, amenities and so on. All websites will also give you detailed written description of the home along with some excellent images. But when you actually visit the place in person, you might be shocked with the reality. Here we find out reasons why shopping property online is a lot different than shopping offline.

online vs in-person

Photos do not always reveal the truth

Photographers use different angles to post images on websites. So a room which really looks big on the website might be actually quite small. As a buyer you will feel fooled when you see the actual dimensions. So before you finalize your deal by simply depending upon the online version, do give a personal look. Good photographers always know the best angle to take the best photograph of the room from where the ceilings will look taller than they are.

Is it or is it not a new home

Well all homes when you see them online look like a new home; newly built and not inhabited before. But wait till you visit it personally. Do a thorough check and you might find pet odors, rotten rats, and stale food items in the bin or sewer leakage. Of course online version won’t reveal such odor or leakages. There are various software that can clean the photo of the home which can enhance the brightness of the room and look cleaner. Sometimes you can be fooled by the lighting too.

Safety of the area

The written description will only talk about the physical location of the place. It will not elaborate on the safety measures adopted by the community or past incidents of theft and robbery. It might look a peaceful area but only if you interact with neighbors or do a little bit of homework then you will get the real picture. True real estate professionals will always recommend you to hang out in the neighborhood, make repeated visits at various hours and then confirm the booking.

Feel good factor

An online description might paint a beautiful picture of the property but it might not be all positive. To get that feel good vibe, you should personally visit the place. Remember this will be your home for years to come and you should feel good about it. Living should be comfortable and peaceful.

Wrap up

Many people visit real estate professionals after visiting various property websites and go for a physical visit only after shortlisting a few ones. But to their dismay they are very often disappointed. Either the house is too small than what it was shown online or condition of the house was not great. The dream home might not really be the dream home when you visit it in person. So, an advice here would be not to get so attached to property you have only liked online and likewise do not completely ignore a property where you like the description but the images are not great. Visit the property to understand the truth before making a decision. Impulsive decision should be avoided and opinion of experts should be sought to make the right decision.

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