Home Remodeling: 5 Issues you are Likely to Face

Remodeling is an exciting proposition for home owners as it promises them a better and livelier abode however home remodeling doesn’t always come easy. It is no doubt an expensive and time consuming exercise, but most annoyingly it is often affected by lots of unforeseen issues. Here we discuss the five most commonly reported remodeling problems and how best you can deal with them.

home remodeling problems

1. Underestimating the cost

This is perhaps a universal problem when it comes to home remodeling. This issue may arise if you do not keep a buffer of at least 20% of the total cost estimate or if you do not adequately price the cost of materials in your budget. The problem of cost underestimation could also be the doing of your contractor who in order to win the project gives you a low cost estimate. To avoid being left with a half completed project because of the budget draining out, make sure your contractor gives you a realistic cost estimate. Especially take the cost of flooring into account as contractors usually tend to give a low quote for flooring. So be sure to know what flooring you would want and also its estimated cost in the market.

2. Lack of communication with your contractor

Miscommunication or lack of communication can adversely affect your remodeling project. If things are not going smooth between you and your contractor, before putting the blame on your contractor see if everything is right at your end. If even after an honest analysis you don’t seem to find fault in your behavior, go ahead and discuss the problem with your contractor. If issues occur at an early stage of the project, you can always change the contractor. However, if you are pretty much in the midst of the project, make all effort to clear the air to ensure your project moves as per your wish.

3. Project is getting delayed

Well, this issue is bound to crop up. Even after your best efforts things will do not always go as smoothly as envisaged. Hence, make sure you keep some time buffer and not loose cool because of the delay. One frequently reported cause of the project exceeding its time is delay in the delivery of material. If you are using specialty, high-end, or for that matter, very popular item you are likely to face this issue. In this matter, your contractor is the best person to guide you on how best you can manage to complete your remodeling project within the stipulated time frame by providing you alternation options.

4. Procrastination by either you or your contractor

When it comes to home remodeling, you would be required to make umpteenth choices in terms of materials used, color, budget, etc; besides you also need to choose right labor and sub-contractor. Delay in making a selection because of time lag, laziness or because you find the decision making tough may unnecessarily delay your remodeling project. Make sure you as well as your contractor remain super-organized so that the project doesn’t lose pace.

5. Not understanding the project process

Especially if you are undertaking the home remodeling project for the first time, you are likely to face this problem. So, before you initiate the remodeling process take time to sit down with your contractor and get familiar with the whole process. Make sure you understand how the things will progress and how best you can ensure the entire process goes smoothly. Also, if you will be away for some reason, chalk out details with your contractor on how you can stay on top of the schedule even in your absence.

While these are some of the commonly reported problems, these are certainly not all. Your special home remodeling situation can surprise you with some absolutely new ones! However, the only way of dealing with these or any problem for that matter is planning ahead, choosing the right vendors and of course keeping oodles of patience.

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