10 Cheap Halloween Home Decorating Ideas That You Can Easily Do-it-yourself

Halloweens is the wonderful time to let loose your creativity and bring out the hidden talent in you. While the markets are flooded with umpteenth decor items and costly inflatable decorations, you don’t necessarily have to loosen your purse strings to give your porches’ or living room an exciting Halloween vibe. If you are planning a Halloween bash or just want to surprise your friends or neighbors with a feel of a haunted home, you can do it yourself and on a very light budget. Presented here are some interesting craft ideas that uses things present in your home. All you need are few stationery supplies, some tools, lots of creativity and enthusiasm to give your home a spooky makeover.

halloween house decorating ideas

1. Create Flying Bats

Get some pieces of black felt. Using a chalk piece to draw the outline of a bat and cut them using a scissor. You can hang them just about anywhere in your living room or paste them on the wall and give your home a haunted look.

2. Use Pumpkins Creatively

You can give a spooky look to your entry way by using faux pumpkins. You can make black cat faces using pumpkins. Paint it black and paste ears, eyes, lips and mustache and you have a scary black cat pumpkin ready! Or you can also create Witch faces and vampires by using faux pumpkins. You can also create a pumpkin owl and make its eyes and ears using garlic! Let your creative juices flow and you will have plenty of ideas.

3. Give a Scary Mummy Look to Your Front Door

Scare and enthuse visitors’ right on their entry by giving a ghoulish Mummy look to your entry door. Use white tape paper streamers and make the strips overlap on the entire door to give a wrapped look. Create paper eyes by cutting circles of black and white construction paper. Stick the eyes on the door over the tapes and your very impressive Mummy door is ready.

4. Create Outdoor Lighting Using Recycled Tin Cans

Poke old tin cans in creative designs. Place a tea light inside to create a freaky outdoor lighting. Place five-six such cans in a row and your entry way decoration is ready.

5. Create Halloween Special Tablecloth

Take a piece of white fabric some stencils and paint markers. Create scary drawings and figures on white cloth and your very original Halloween tablecloth is ready to entice your guests.

6. Dress Up Your Drinking Glasses

Creatively cut black paper into eyes, nose and scary lips and paste them on glasses creating ghost faces and give ordinary glasses a Halloween touch. Your guests will love this when you serve the drinks in these ghostly glasses and you will love the simplicity of this inexpensive idea.

7. Upcycle your Poison Bottles for Halloweens

Collect old poison bottles to create a very stylish Halloween decor. Simply clean and dry the glass and give one coat of spray primer and about two to three quotes of matte black spray paint. To add more panache, paste a hand-written label to each bottle. Keep the bottles on a table and keep a faux scorpion or any other ghoulish toy besides, your Halloween decoration is ready.

8. Scary Owls for Halloweens

Use card boards to cut figures of scary owls. Paint them black and paste eyes, nose and feathers. You can search the net a little to find ideas on how to make owls. Place these owls in a series on your entry porch to scare your guests just as they arrive.

9. Witch’s Broomsticks for Place Cards

You can create diminutive Witch’s Broomstick shaped place cards or simple decor items. To create this simple and cheap Halloween craft all you need are a few twigs from your garden, some raffia and few scraps of papers. Give the shape of the broom to raffia and tie them on the twig, your guests will love this whimsy idea. Let your guests carry these eerie place cards as party favors.

10. Create Ghostly Wreath Using Toilet Paper

Using some toilet paper you can create this very easy Halloween craft. Wrap layers of toilet paper on a straw wreath form. Wrap some white yarn over it in a haphazard manner. Place some scary figures or an eye in the center and your messy wreath is ready.

These are some ideas to help you unleash your creative side. These ideas demonstrate that Halloween home decorations can be cheap and easy to do. You always need not spend lots of money or time, just open up your mind and look around and you will get plenty of ideas. Involve your family members or friends and your Halloween decorations will become lot more creative and fun. In no time at all, your home will get an eerie look that will surprise, scare and please your guests.

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