The 8 Most Livable Cities of Florida

The Sunshine State has not earned its nickname for no reason. It is one of the sunniest States in the United States and that is what has made it popular not just with visitors, but also with people looking to enjoy its abundant sunshine. However, even Florida is known to have its bad weather days! Nonetheless, there are some cities in the State that more preferable to others. Perhaps this has to do something with its fantastic weather, lower crime rates and better chances of employment and education.

So without much ado, here are the top 8 cities in Florida that you should pick to live in if you are thinking of relocating to this beautiful and sunny State.

1) Miami


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The city of Miami is more than just gorgeous beaches. It is the largest metropolitan area in the State besides being the second largest city. Miami is filled with amenities, thanks to it being a popular tourist hub. While it has high cost of living standards, its housing market is relatively stable. Miami is called the ‘Magic City’ as it is a place where entertainment business, trade, tourism and international banking flourish. It also has several music centers, television studios and corporate headquarters to offer a unique working experience.

Before you decide to relocate to this city, it is prudent to remember that choices of education are not the best and it has a high crime rate, but its great weather and numerous amenities make it a city that you will enjoy living in.

2) Hialeah


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The city of Hialeah is located in Metro-Dade County. When you are compare the crime rate and unemployment rate of Hialeah and Miami, you will find the rate is lower in Hialeah. As a result, it is preferable to Miami. However, if you have school going children, you may not be able to find the best schools. Also, the high cost of living could be a deterrent.

However, Hialeah boasts of great amenities, such as golf courses, restaurants, movie theaters, museums and libraries in the vicinity. So you can always get away from it all if you want to recharge your batteries.

3) Tallahassee


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Besides being the capital of Florida, Tallahassee is the seventh largest city in the State. It is located towards north Florida and boasts of great weather and fantastic amenities that make it extremely livable. This is the perfect city for parents looking for good schools. As a matter of fact, Tallahassee is renowned for its high quality education. Also, its housing market is quite stable. However, its main drawback could be its high crime rate.

Tallahassee also has museums, libraries, public golf courses and movie theaters if you are wondering the kind of entertain you will have when you relocate.

4) Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

image by Jorge in Brazil

Located close to Miami, about 23 miles north of the city, Fort Lauderdale is beautiful and mesmerizing city. It is criss-crossed with a network of canals and this is why the city has earned its moniker – the Venice of America. However, there is more to Fort Lauderdale.

As it is a popular tourist destination, Fort Lauderdale has great amenities. Also, the cost of living is not that high and this more than compensates for the high crime rate. In addition, there are quite a few employment opportunities. Now couple that with great weather and you have a fabulous and extremely livable city.

5) Tampa


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Located on the shores of Gulf of Mexico, Tampa is the third largest city in Florida. It is renowned for its enthralling cultural scene. It is an attractive city to live in, thanks to its extremely low cost of living and fabulous amenities. Furthermore, it has a relatively stable housing market.

The city also has some great research institutes, several business opportunities and nationally recognized schools. And, the warm, sunny weather just adds to its attraction!

6) Orlando


Most people identify Orlando with its amusement parks. However, the city is also great for living. Even though it is a popular tourist hub, it has a low cost of living and great set of amenities.

Orlando does not have a high unemployment rate and this could be because of its popularity with tourists and visitors. But it does have a marginally high rate of crime. The city has many entertainment and leisure activities, including movie theaters, golf courses, bars and libraries.

7) St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg has the honor of being the fourth largest city in the State. It is renowned for its low cost of living and a wonderful set of amenities. The city is extremely livable, thanks to its stable housing market.

The unemployment rate is not very high and it has enough schools to make the city an attractive proposition for parents. The only thing that works against St. Petersburg is the slightly high crime rate, but that is offset by amenities, such as movie theaters, public golf courses, libraries and museums.

8) Jacksonville

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The city of Jacksonville has relatively low crime rate compared to most other cities in Florida and this makes it one of the best cities to live in. It also has the honor of being the largest city in the State, but has a small town ambiance.

The city is not overrun by tourists, so this fosters low cost of living. It is also home to the Bank of America Tower and is filled with numerous parks and gardens that offer ample recreation opportunities to families.

So, if you intend relocating to Florida, these are the cities you should be looking at to set base and enjoy your time in the warm and sunny weather.

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