Finding it difficult to sell your house? Consider these factors seriously

If you are contemplating to sell your house for long but haven’t tasted success yet you need to ponder over the reasons for the delay. If the real estate market is experiencing a dry spell, you can certainly expect difficulty, but in a booming market you should be able to sell off your house in a few-months time.

factors to be considered while selling a house

Mentioned here are some reasons which normally cause delays in selling property along with tips which will help you sell off your property quickly and profitably.

1. Your home is in bad need of repair and maintenance

If you find that your house is in need of repair. Get it done at the earliest before showing it to prospective buyers. If you defer maintenance, you may find it hard to generate interest amongst prospective buyers or to sell it at the asking price. If you are hoping for a good price, you may have to get the necessary renovation done so as to make it look updated with the times. Buyers are interested in modern homes rather than something that it old fashioned or in bad shape.

2. You have quoted a price that is too high

Many people are so obsessed with their property or profits that they quote too high a price. It is advisable that before fixing a price for your house, try to assess the market carefully and then decide on an amount that is realistic. By making a market analysis you will get to know what the current prices of houses are in the neighbourhood. Do not quote a price that is too high as it may keep away the buyers and you may not be able to sell your house for months. Best thing would be to keep the price at par with the market price or even slightly lower than the market price if you want to sell off your house quickly.

3. Marketing strategy is not effective

Do not just depend on your real estate agent. Try to do a few things on your own. For instance you can publish ads of your property in newspapers, send mails to your friends and put up a ‘For Sale’ placard in front of the property. This will help people in your neighbourhood learn about your plans to sell the property. Another brilliant way to make your property come in the notice of millions of interested buyers is to list your property on property dealing websites such as Include pictures and video tour of the house to attract attention of prospective buyers. Take a feedback from the buyers who visit you as this will help to increase the saleability of your property.

4. Listing photos are not that attractive

Listing photos play a crucial role in generating interest of the buyers and make your property better than the others. Take pictures in good weather and during daytime to make your property appear attractive. Include pictures of the best features of your property but make sure you add pictures of the front of the house, the kitchen and the bedroom. You can also take help of a professional photographer to click winning pictures of your property. Of course, you need to keep your house neat and tidy not just when you are clicking pictures but also when prospective buyers come over for a visit.

5. Real estate agent is not being of help

In the case, you are not satisfied with your existing agent, you can always change the agent after the expiry of your agreement with him. Find a good and a reliable real estate agent who can deliver results. Ask for reference from friends and family about genuine real estate agents and then choose the one who can help you out with the sale.

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