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Do Solar Panels Help to Increase Home’s Value? by Rebecca

Sep 9, 2016

Installing a solar system in home has considerable benefits such as reduction in electricity bills that makes it easier and cheaper to run the house and in turn save money, and reduction in carbon footprint resulting in pollution free environment. … Continue reading

Home Remodeling: 5 Issues you are Likely to Face by Rebecca

Jul 28, 2016

Remodeling is an exciting proposition for home owners as it promises them a better and livelier abode however home remodeling doesn’t always come easy. It is no doubt an expensive and time consuming exercise, but most annoyingly it is often … Continue reading

Renovation Mistakes: Fail to Add Value to Home by Rebecca

Jul 9, 2015

Making renovations is one of the most fun and satisfying experience for home owners. Notwithstanding the steep cost of improvements, home owners enjoy going for renovations as it helps to make their dwelling more interesting and comfortable for their family. … Continue reading

Why You Should Not Overlook Permits When Remodeling your Home by Rebecca

Jul 3, 2014

When it comes to remodeling homes, owners are too busy choosing which marbles would look good on the floor or selecting tiles for the bathroom. They are hardly aware of the need for requesting permission from the municipal corporation for … Continue reading

Remodel or Move – Which Housing Option Makes More Sense by Rebecca

Jun 24, 2014

The big question any homeowner has – should I stay where I am and get my home remodeled and renovated or should I just move to a new place? If you check with family and friends, some will tell you … Continue reading

Finding The Right Contractor by Rebecca

Apr 22, 2014

Did you know that in most states, complaints against contractors by homeowners’ makes one of the largest category of consumer complaints filed with the state attorney general’s office? For most homeowners, having a contractor makes life much easier. But more … Continue reading

Backyard Fence Ideas – 5 Imaginative Ways to Block the View of Your Neighbor’s Ugly Backyard by Rebecca

Apr 1, 2014

You may create an awesome garden in your yard but if your neighbor gives a damn to his, your yard will automatically lose its value. To enhance or maintain the value of your yard, you will need to shield the … Continue reading

Pet Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home by Rebecca

Mar 4, 2014

A majority of U.S. households have pets. While pets are lovely, their habits can sometimes be harsh on the flooring. Thankfully, there are thoughtful floorings available that will let you allow your cats and pooches to carry on with their … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Enhance the Charm of Your Bathroom by Rebecca

Jan 2, 2014

Renovating your bathroom can enhance the glamour of your home and elevate your lifestyle. However, many people shy away from their desire of having a modern bathrooms owning to the many hassles it involves. But, remodeling your bathroom does not … Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter to Face Ice Storms by Rebecca

Dec 12, 2013

Winter is here, so winter storms cannot be far behind. These storms can wreak havoc with your home if you do not take adequate measures to protect it. Snow and ice can make outdoor surfaces slippery, turning them into potential … Continue reading