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10 Cheap Halloween Home Decorating Ideas That You Can Easily Do-it-yourself by Rebecca

Aug 17, 2016

Halloweens is the wonderful time to let loose your creativity and bring out the hidden talent in you. While the markets are flooded with umpteenth decor items and costly inflatable decorations, you don’t necessarily have to loosen your purse strings … Continue reading

7 Signs You Need to Change Your Real Estate Agent by Rebecca

Jun 13, 2016

As a buyer you depend a lot on your real estate agent. You trust him to show you the best properties that are well within your criteria and help you strike the best deal. You expect your agent to be … Continue reading

Bad Real Estate Agents – Top 5 Signs by Rebecca

Apr 6, 2016

Buying or selling homes is a daunting task made easier with the guidance of a right real estate agent. However, sometimes the agents can make your work much more challenging if they do not perform their job properly. Watch out … Continue reading

The Impact of School Locations on Home Prices by Rebecca

Feb 25, 2015

Buying a home is a great decision but not an easy one.  A home is an investment and buyers consider a number of factors before zeroing in on a place they want to put their money in. Let us look … Continue reading

Convert Your Home into a Garden of Love for a Date Night by Rebecca

Feb 4, 2015

Are you bored of the sameness of dine-in restaurants and shopping malls; and do you wish for a date that is more relaxing and romantic than hectic and expensive? With a few out-of-the-box ideas and simple preparations for a night … Continue reading

Moving House Checklist – Make House Moving a Pleasant Experience by Rebecca

Jan 23, 2015

Moving has always been a daunting task and everyone generally ends up saying – “Never again!” However, everyone has to move to a new place sooner or later. So, here are some tips to make your moving a simple and … Continue reading

8 Precautions You Must Take Before Leaving Home For Vacation by Rebecca

Jul 24, 2014

When going out for a vacation most people are concerned about the security of the apartment. To make sure there are no shocks waiting for you back home when you return from an exciting holiday, you need to take care … Continue reading

Types of Commercial Leases – Which is Right for Your Business by Rebecca

Jul 15, 2014

When starting a business, many owners opt for financing to buy their own premises. However, this immediately puts a lot of burden on the owner and business, as it takes time to setup a business and get it going. On … Continue reading

Remodel or Move – Which Housing Option Makes More Sense by Rebecca

Jun 24, 2014

The big question any homeowner has – should I stay where I am and get my home remodeled and renovated or should I just move to a new place? If you check with family and friends, some will tell you … Continue reading

Home Office Ideas – Ways to Design a Home Office as Per Your Needs by Rebecca

Jan 28, 2014

Working at home can be fun and also help increase your efficiency and make you more productive. However, this means that you need to design your home office in such a way that it promotes productivity and efficiency. If you … Continue reading