Best Family Places To Live In California

Families are often forced to relocate when the earning members seek employment elsewhere, or when certain reasons compel them to seek accommodation elsewhere. Relocating to a new place with the entire family involves a lot of responsibility on the parts of the parents, since they have to consider several factors such as the cost of living, commutation, schools and colleges available in the vicinity, the safety of the neighborhood, etc. before they move in. California offers several residential options for families who desire to settle in the state.

It is worthwhile checking out some of the options California has to offer:

California's Best Cities to Live for Families

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San Jose

The Silicon Valley’s largest city, San Jose homes a population of approximately 7.6 million people. The cost of living is exceedingly high, and the city is not recommended for families struggling to make a living, or which are poor. The San Jose International Airport and the Reid-Hillview Airport serve the city. Amtrak rail services are also available. Many high schools, universities, and colleges in addition to reputed private schools are available for education purposes. San Jose boasts attractions such as the Kelley Park, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Rosicrucian Park, San Jose Flea Market, and the Overfelt Gardens.

San Diego

One of the best cities to raise a family, San Diego is a famous tourist hub and ideal for family stay as there are plenty of options for families to reside in, kids to receive proper education, and plenty of recreational activities for the senior citizens. The climate is more conductive than most other cities in the state, and a plethora of theme parks, museums, zoos, and public attractions make it an ideal city for families to stay and reside in. The cost of living is affordable. The San Diego International Airport, the Montgomery Field, several interstate highways, and 10 U.S. Routes connect the city.

San Francisco

Well known for the Golden Gate Bridge and its unpredictable climate, San Francisco is a cultural hub in addition to being a major transportation center in the Bay area. The city is a Mecca for liberals, hippies, and the hip-hop culture. With a rich civil rights history, it is a perfect city to move in and live with your family. However, there can be several downsides about living in San Francisco since the city is situated along the San Andreas Fault and is prone to earthquakes which occur sometimes. The city provides good schooling facilities for the age groups between 5 and 18, but there are fewer governments sponsored learning facilities. With attractions such as the Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Park, Union Square, and the Exploratorium the city is best suited for families who love history, and desire to reside in a city with a rich past history as well as free cultural values.

Santa Barbara

The beautiful and laid-back city of Santa Barbara is famous for its scenic backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains and homes Spanish-style architecture. The long white sandy beaches and fabulous restaurants make it the ultimate city for families to reside in. The economy of the city consists of a large service sector, with education, health care, technology, agriculture, finance, and manufacturing as important business centers. The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District “MTD” offers local bus services and Greyhound bus stations serve the downtown areas. Electric shuttles are also used for commutation purposes. With several popular attractions like the Santa Barbara Zoo, Botanical Gardens, East Beach, and the Lotusland, the city is a good choice for residing in.

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