Backyard Fence Ideas – 5 Imaginative Ways to Block the View of Your Neighbor’s Ugly Backyard

You may create an awesome garden in your yard but if your neighbor gives a damn to his, your yard will automatically lose its value. To enhance or maintain the value of your yard, you will need to shield the ugliness that stares at it. Though the easiest way to conceal the unsightly view of your neighbor’s backyard is to install a wooden fencing but this will cost you thousands of dollars. So if you are one of those who do not find it wise to invest so much for the sake of your neighbor, here we offer some creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to create visual barriers.

backyard fence ideas

1. Plant vines

Perennial vines grow fast and grow about 20 feet in a season. These therefore offer a green solution to create privacy. Plant them across the boundary line where you want to create a shield. Both Irish and English ivy look great and are quit popular. You can also look to install Virginia creeper which is green in summers and turns a fantastic red in the fall season.

2. Grow trees

Another great way to get both shade and shield is to plant trees in the space where you want to create a screen. You can get a mature tree from the nursery and plant it in the ground. You may need to plant more trees if you want to shield a wider area.

3. Install bamboo fencing

Installing temporary bamboo fencing provides a necessary screening from your neighbor’s ugly backyard. What’s more, bamboo fencing is not that expensive and looks great as well. If you are creative kinds, you can be more imaginative with your bamboo fencing. I recently went to a house where bamboo fencing was used to hang decors such as metal yard art, chains and fishing nets. If you have the sense, you can use the fencing to unleash your creativity.

4. Grow shrubs

Shrubs look great in a yard and provide effective screening, however, the only problem is that it takes years to grow to a necessary height. If you are keen on having them, you can choose some quick growing varieties such as Pampas grasses. These grow an amazing 8-10 feet in just one year. So you can easily look forward to getting rid of your lousy neighbor’s horribly kept backyard.

5. Create an outbuilding

You can consider creating a greenhouse or a garden shed towards the area where you want to create a shield. If you have kids in the house you can also think of setting up a colorful children’s playhouse. This will be a functional way to block the view of your neighbor’s unkept yard.

Summing up:

Using any one or a combination of these creative methods will not only help you get away with the nasty view of your neighbor’s backyard but also help to enhance the beauty of your own yard. This will go on to increase your property’s worth as well. So, if you want to sell or rent your property in future, you will be able to do it faster and at an attractive price.

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