10 Things that Can Scare Away Home Buyers

It doesn't matter is you've had your house on the market for a while or if you have just put up the 'for sale' sign in your yard. There are certain things that you need to know before showing your home to interested buyers! First of all, keep in mind that potential buyers are afraid of the market conditions and being cheated. So your job is to make them see past their fears and why they should consider buying the home you're offering. Not adding to their fears would be a great way to go. To stick to this plan the following list should help.

Home Selling Tips

1. Clutter

People say looks don't matter, but when it comes to selling a house it's all about how things look. And a cluttered mess is not something anyone wants to see. People look forward to making the place their home so your clutter prevents them from seeing how that's possible.

2. Bad Odors

Foul smells are definitely a major turn off. How do you expect to sell a house if your potential customers are running the other way the moment you open your doors? Bad smells may be a result of a number of things like house pets, bad food, trash and heavy smoking. So make it a point to keep odors away when showing your home. Better still, spray some room fresheners or have fragrant fresh flowers in home when the buyers visit.

3. Dirt and Grime

Imagine walking into someone's house and all you see is dirt. It's disgusting if it's someone else's. So you can imagine what's going through the client's mind. Some people will be looking at just the places where dirt and grime cling to. And you know they'll be wondering what else have you neglected with your home - maybe the plumbing, wiring, mold, pest control?

4. Broken Components

No one wants to spend more money on a house that's falling apart. Spending on something that will need fixing isn't a smart move so buyers will look at other options. The amount spent on buying the house then fixing it up will cost a ton of money! Check major components like the electrical system, the roof, windows, air conditioning and furnace to make sure they work fine.

5. Lack of Curb Appeal

When buyers drive to your location the first thing they need to say is, "Get a look at that!" For the wow factor, your home needs to capture attention (in a good way) right from the outside of the house. If your lawn is patchy, the yards a mess, the paint chipping off the outside walls, you lose major points in the buyer's book. So pay special attention to improve the look of your garden and yard before you put your home on sale.

6. Colors

Loud gaudy colors don't really appeal to people searching for comfortable settings. You may want to tone it down with soft soothing colors, because most buyers want a quick move, instead of having to deal with things like painting.

7. Pets

Some people are afraid of animals especially dogs. Your pet may be calm with you as their owner but with new people snooping through the house they could act up thus terrifying potential buyers away.

8. Price

Did you know you could be scaring off buyers before actually showing them the house? The price tag according to you may be right but the majority of your potential clients may think it's too pricy. This can be fixed with the help of a real estate agent.

9. Pictures

Bad pictures of your house clicked in poor lighting or from the wrong angle or displaying a picture that is blurred and unclear can affect your chances of attracting people. The same goes for the description that comes with the picture. It needs to be descriptive, simple and easy to understand.

10. You

Sometimes the problem can be with you. Your attitude, body language and so on. It's important to be polite and not to show off or force people. If you are all closed up and rude, it will affect your chances of closing the deal. Your prospective buyers also have to like you personally to actually finalize the purchase.

It's always the little things you need to keep an eye on. They are the first thing people look for. And if they feel out of place or find the place just simply messed up, potential buyers can start getting skittish. It's important to have all your bases covered. And, with this list of what not to do, you can surely intrigue people who show an interest in your home.