When is the Best Time to Put Your Home on Sale?

Deciding to sell your home is one of the hardest decisions in life. There are financial and emotional implications of this decision and you need to get over both when making a choice. While there are no perfect timings to sell a property you should be ready to wait for the opportunity and grab it with both hands as soon as it comes.

home selling tips

Reasons to sell a house

There could be several reasons why people decide to sell their home. Some of the key reasons to relocate are: Continue reading

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Smart Features to Make your Home More Appealing to Buyers

As everything is going high-tech and smart, how can the homes be left behind? Whether you are thinking to re-design your house or planning to put it on sale, it is important to spice it up with sci-fi gadgets to make it more appealing. Gone are those days when your home would be unique with a pool or a garden! Today, homes, just like your phone and tablet should be smart. As the scope of Internet of Things is expanding, home owners have plenty of options to choose from. Powered by internet, today’s smart devices can connect to your devices such as mobile, laptop or any other electronics you desire. These smart devices help to make your home safe and secure and also make everyday life more convenient and stress-free.

Smart Home Features

Here are some smart features that are now being increasingly demanded by property buyers in the US. You may certainly consider installing some of these to make it the first choice of the buyers. Continue reading

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Should Opt for a Foreclosure If You are Looking for a Home?

If you are in the market to purchase a home, it may be a good idea to check out foreclosures as well. While a foreclosure usually offers price advantage, these may not be the right choice for every prospective home buyer. Hence, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before you take the decision.

buying a foreclosed home

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Types of Foreclosures

Before you start pondering about purchasing a foreclosure, it is important you understand there are different types of foreclosures. The kind of foreclosure you choose should be based on this knowledge, as it could affect your bargaining power. Continue reading

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Things you need to know about real estate short sales

We often come across signs put up on some properties announcing a ‘short sale’, and it makes us go drooling, brewing up a picture of gains and profits we could make out of the deal. However, the world of real estate short sales isn’t as sweet and simple as we imagine it to be, and if we don’t tread carefully, we could end up getting cheated, or maybe paying more or doing something that could have been done a lot better had we treaded more carefully and made a more informed decision. Here we list some eye openers for you, so the next time you see the ‘Short Sale’ signboard, you know exactly what you are getting into and what to do. And if you yourself have to put up that signboard, you know how to get the best deal the best way.

Short Sale

There is nothing short about a short sale

A short sale means the property is being sold short of its actual price, so the owner incurs a loss in order to be able to clear the dues he has on the property. It doesn’t mean that the sale will be only for a short time, or there is a special price for a short time. Continue reading

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Planning to Buy Modular Home? Consider These Pros and Cons First

A lot of research and innovation has made modular homes much advanced in technology and design than they were earlier on. Today, these cannot be easily side-lined as a low-cost, low-quality option. However, still many people do not perceive them to be as good as the traditional “stick-built” home. So before you go gaga over modular homes or completely write them off as an option please ponder over these merits as well as demerits of modular homes.

Modular Homes


Here’s what makes modular homes so very irresistible to buyers. Continue reading

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What to Consider When Searching for Profitable Rental Property

Buying a rental property could be more challenging than a buying a home for yourself as here you not just want a lovely accommodation but also profits! Your chosen property should attract long term tenants and must command rent that helps you pay for the taxes, maintenance, mortgage and still make some profit. Searching smartly is the key to find a profitable rental property and here we offer some tips to help you make a wise investment decision.

 Profitable Rental Property Search

Search, Search and Search

Believe in the fact that there are always nice locations and properties that are really worth the investment so do not give up till you have found a property that meets your criterion. Hiring property consultants is good but do not rely entirely on them. Do search on your own so you know the property market well. Do not succumb to the pressure of your property consultant or get carried away with their glib talks as they are always in a hurry to get the deal fixed. Use your own judgement when making a decision. Continue reading

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How to Make Prospective Buyers Fall in Love with Your Property at the First Sight

Whether it is about love or buying property, first look definitely plays a crucial look. So if you are intending to sell your property, merely placing a ‘For Sale’ board is not going to get you the attention you crave for. You ought to make your property drool worthy not just to make it attractive but also to make it so charming that the buyers also feel compelled to pay your asking price! Well, here are some time tested tips to make your property so much more compelling for the buyers.

Home Selling

As the first look matters most, the exteriors have to be the most charming

Take a deep look at the facade and the front garden of your property. Don’t view it from the eyes of the owner, chances are you might find it flawless. Instead, look at it critically from the buyers perspective. Take a note of things that warrant changes and repair. Is the paint peeling off, how the fence look, your front gate and door and how is the garden kept? Do your best to ensure your property casts a fantastic impression at the first look. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, get new pots, get the walls painted or get a new door installed; invest wisely but not extravagantly to make your property look elegant and attractive. Continue reading

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Is Having a Partner When Investing in Real Estate Worthwhile?

Real estate has always been attractive to investor. However, there are many who would like to invest in real estate who either lack knowledge or don’t have sufficient funds. If you are one such individual, you should seriously consider forming a partnership. In fact, if you have sound knowledge about the local real estate market, getting into a partnership with someone who can fund you will help establish a win-win relationship.

Investing in Real Estate with Partner

What to Look for in a Partner?

Many people have got themselves burned by choosing the wrong partner. Don’t get taken in by a person just because he has the means to fund your investment. You should do your due diligence. The things you should be certain about are the following: Continue reading

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Renovations That Can Lower the Real Estate Value of Your House

Making renovations is one of the most fun and satisfying experience for home owners. Notwithstanding the steep cost of improvements, home owners enjoy going for renovations as it helps to make their dwelling more interesting and comfortable for their family. However, home owners planning to sell their home in near future should keep in mind that the renovations should also be appreciable for prospective buyers as only then they would be able to get better value for their property. Renovations that suit you but make the property less appealing for the buyers will not help you recover the cost of renovations.

House Renovation Mistakes

Discussed below are some home improvement mistakes that are better avoided if you intend to raise your property’s worth. Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons – Why Do Real Estate Investors Fail

Regardless of what endeavour you undertake, you always want to succeed. However, the harsh reality is people do fail in spite of the hard work they put in. Some of the reasons for failure are negligence, silly mistakes and being complacent.

Failure is quite common to real estate investors and sometimes it can be so severe that these investors can get bankrupt. But why do real estate investors fail? What are the mistakes that they make? Here are the five major reasons:

Real Estate Investors

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1. Too Many Risks

It all starts with risks which is inherent in investment. But when the risk gets so high that you have to pull out equity or refinance other properties, it means you are heading to bankruptcy. Continue reading

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